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Family Room Tweaking+Unusual Coffee Table

A big HELLO+THANK YOU to those of you new followers!  Hang on to your hats…it tends to get weird around here.  :-)

Today I’m sharing our family room again.  Here are a few BEFORE pictures and the way it looked like for about a year.





The furniture was placed in a pretty traditional layout and everything was pushed up against the walls.  I really wanted to push myself out of the typical-furniture-placement-comfort-zone plus I could not stand the “chocolate candy bar looking coffee table” any longer.  It’s all your eye was drawn to and it sucked the life out of this room.  I even tried wrapping it in fabric to lighten it up a bit. So the coffee table you see in the above picture is now upstairs and serving as a little couch for my kiddos [I'll post on that a bit later].

So after 5 HOURS of re arranging furniture [I wish I was joking...there is not one square room in this house which makes furniture placement a pain in the a@#] this is the new layout of the room…

using kids train table as a coffee table

I’m sure you guys reading who have kids can immediately tell what is now serving as our coffee table!  Yes, it’s my son’s train table!  After re arranging their playroom I was left with this monster of a toy and had no clue where to put it.  I thought about ripping my boy’s bedroom closet doors off and shoving this table in his closet.  BUT…knowing my husband would NOT be a happy camper about that, I decided to take the less-heart-anxiety approach and re purpose it.

a kids train table becomes a coffee table

I actually LOVE it and it has a Scandinavian appeal to it.  Isn’t that the trend for 2014 anyway?  Win. Win.  I also like how it brightens the room up.  So without spending a dime, the room went from a pretty traditional one to a modern fresh one.


using a kids train table as coffee table

To camouflage the table a bit and fool any guests that we are using my son’s toy as our coffee table I draped a faux sheepskin rug over it.  It looks funky and I love it.

using a childs train table as a coffee table

kids train table becomes a coffee table

re purposing a kids train table as a coffee table

When little man wants to break out his engineering skills, all we do is throw the rug on the floor and he starts building!

a childs train table becomes a coffee table

childs train table becomes a coffee table

kids train table re purposed as a coffee table

I’m going to call this room “done” for now.  I do have to paint it and perhaps add wood planking to one wall, but that won’t happen until I convince the hub it will look awesome!

a kids train table becomes a coffee table


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“Brass Urchin”


I think this is probably the funniest (and weirdest) DIY I’ve done to date; but aren’t you getting used to those by now?  :-)   [Hula hoop orb chandelier] / Sharpie marker Moroccan rug] / [Embellished IKEA with stained paint sticks]

I probably don’t have to tell you that decorative brass urchins are all the rage right now.  Well I love design trends as much as the next gal (or guy) but I love to cheat and try my hand at making my own before I buy.  It’s just more fun and rewarding to me.



brass sea urchins 2[via]

So the average price for these guys is $30-$50.  Mine…$3.29 (plus tax)!  I was inspired to try DIY’ing one from this toy my kids always want whenever we go to the grocery store…

glow ball

I have bought countless numbers of these things only to find my son has chewed off the “legs” within 2 days.  So this time I purchased one for Mama to hack!

All I did to this poor toy was give it a coat of my favorite spray primer



I let it dry for about 30 minutes then sprayed it with some gold paint


Done!  Isn’t it funny?  My kids haven’t discovered it yet (probably because it’s not neon orange or yellow).

sitting pretty



I think I will try to make a bigger one, but use a large dog toy instead.  That was my first choice but I couldn’t fine one at my local store.


I might just sift through my kids’ toys to see what else I can spray gold!


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