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magazine art

Today I’m sharing a fun, easy project that you can do with your kids or whenever you get a free minute.  It’s an old-school craft project.  Remember…

diy art using clippings from magazines

I always have a stockpile of blank art canvases because I love giving them to my kids and having them unleash their creativity.

magazine art collage

It’s also a great way for Mama to flip through her stockpile of design magazines and get rid of them once and for all.  I grabbed about 5 magazines and cut out words or short phrases that caught my attention.

make a magazine clipping art collage

I’ll give you one guess why I cut this one out.  ;)   Kids.

diy magazine art collage

Or this one.

magazine art collage diy

After 30 minutes I had a nice collection of words.

diy art using magazine clippings

I then brushed a light coat of the all-surface Mod Podge onto a small section of the canvas and started placing my words randomly.  This took me about 45 minutes.  Once the Mod Podge was dry I brushed a light coat over the entire canvas.

make a colorful magazine clipping art collage

I wanted to finish off the edges a bit so I grabbed my black electrical tape and wrapped it around the canvas.

colorful pop art using magazine clippings

Then I added silver thumb tacks on two edges for a funky effect.

bold colorful magazine clipping art collage

add tons of color to your walls with magazine clipping art

I decided to replace this framed piece in our downstairs bathroom.  I like this abstract picture, but wanted to add some more color.  I don’t have magazines in any of our bathrooms because I want you in and out, thank you very much.  So this is a tongue-in-cheek way for me to provide my guests with some “entertainment” in the loo.

free colorful art using magazine clippings


free colorful art made with magazine clippings

I’m currently working on another canvas with just QR codes.  I thought I’d provide some interactive fun in the loo as well.  Is that T.M.I. or what??  :-)

diy art using clippings from magazines

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