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DIY Industrial Shelves + Playroom Makeover

My poor husband.

It must be “challenging” for him to be married to a scatter-brained DIY design-crazed junkie. See, like most couples we are the ying and yang of each other…totally opposite!  He has a type A personality…very organized, detail-oriented, cleanliness-obsessed, and orderly.  Me, on the other hand am the complete opposite…a bit scatter brained, artsy, un organized and creative.  :-)   He came home from work last night to my latest project | room overhaul.  To me, it’s just another creative day in Amy Land, to my husband it’s probably too much change all at once.  Ahhh….such is life though living with a creative person right?  :-)

My son went back to pre-school yesterday and I took full advantage of those 3 hours to ransack the kids’ playroom!  Those 3 hours were full of moving furniture in, moving furniture out, carrying furniture down a flight of stairs, assembling a dining room table and making these industrial shelves…WHEW!!!

diy industrial shelves in 20 mins

First, here is what the kids’ playroom looked like before, during + shortly after Christmas




The worst part of the kids’ playroom [as if it could get any worse!] is that it is actually our eating area just off the kitchen|family room.  It’s completely open and therefore you SEE EVERYTHING!  I reached “that point” and started over yesterday.  To start, I decided to take out the round table as it was just.not.working.  Kids need a surface to spread their stuff out on and a round table is not the best.  I headed to the garage and hauled in our old kitchen table.  It’s been sitting there for the past 1 1/2 years and hasn’t been touched since we moved in.

industrial modern diy shelves

After attaching the legs I was faced with a new challenge…this table is bar height and I didn’t have any chairs for the kids to sit on.  We are using the chairs that go with this table as our bar stools in the kitchen…


Another light bulb went off in my noggin and I “borrowed” these IKEA drawer units from my husband’s office to use as the kids’ stools [plus they double as secondary storage for paper, crayons, and the plethora of rainbow loom rubber bands that they’ve accumulated!!

HELMER Drawer unit on casters IKEA Slot for label on each drawer so you can easily keep things organized and find what you are looking for.

After throwing all of these things together, here is what the room looked like…

modern industrial diy shelves

I also love that the kids can display some of their artwork on these cabinets simply using a magnet.  Can you see my daughter wasted NO TIME in labeling each cabinet with her name and her brother’s.  It’s all about “mine” and “yours” at their ages.

I absolutely love this look and how clutter-free it’s looking.  If you’re wondering where my son’s train table went you’ll have to come back in the next couple days to see where it landed. wink. wink.

I have wanted to add shelves to the wall you see in the above picture so I headed to the garage and grabbed 2 wood boards left over from my end table project, 4 large metal L-brackets, stain and a few screws.  Total cost:  FREE!

diy inexpensive industrial shelves

The boards measure 42″ long x 7″ wide.

I simply screwed the large L-brackets underneath the board.  I wanted the brackets to “hold” the board in place on the wall.  You can also attach your brackets the other way so the board rests on top of it.  You’ll see what I mean in a sec.  I spaced the brackets 24″ apart because that’s how far apart the studs are in the wall.  I wanted to make them as secure as possible.  Kids!

industrial diy shelves

Voila!  If you’re a purist you can leave the shelf as is, but I chose to stain mine with my favorite walnut stain.

modern industrial shelves diy

Once the stain was dry I simply attached my shelves to the studs in the wall.

diy industrial and modern shelves

A little bit of grabbing decorative things from rooms around the house and here you have the kids’ organized play room, complete with 2 industrial shelves that took all of 20 minutes to make!

make your own industrial and modern shelves

diy modern and industrial shelves

diy cheap easy modern industrial shelves

And here it is all put together…

make industrial shelves in 20 mins

make your own industrial shelves in 20 mins

My little model demonstrating.

modern and industrial diy shelves

how to make industrial shelves in 20 mins

make your own modern industrial shelves

“Mama you can also use these handles as foot rests!”

Next up on my to-do list is our horrifying master bedroom closet!  Stay tuned.

diy industrial shelves in 20 mins


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venturing into mid-century modern

Do you ever try out a new decorating style only to detest the very sight of it shortly thereafter?  I have tried so many different trends/styles hoping I would have that “Aahh Haa” moment and guess what…NOPE!  (Bear with me, I just need to ramble as usual for a bit).

Shortly after move in day at our new house I got busy trying to make this house a home that reflects who we are.  Sounds simple.  But if you’re someone like me who second-guesses every design choice and gets bored easily, not so much.


My first design love affair was shabby chic.   Great style if you don’t over do it.



I thought this was the direction I wanted to go with our house so I purchased an old oak claw foot dining table from a sweet lady who had one for sale on craigslist.  I purchased some AS Chalk Paint in French Linen and got to town.

Here was my first attempt at shabby chic:


I really do love the way this turned out, especially knowing how it looked (and smelled) when I bought it.  While I still have this table in the exact same spot I’m having serious doubts about it now.  Something is just “off” when I look at it paired with our cobalt blue sofas.  Once I start to second guess something you bet your sweet booty that it just wasn’t meant to be.  Always listen to your gut.


Boy, this trip to traditional was the shortest lived.  My husband grew a few gray hairs when I started bringing antique relics home.  [He's a modernist all the way].  I don’t even remember what inspired me to venture here, other than testing it out to see if it stuck.

Back to craigslist again!  I found these beautiful antique (huge) end tables for sale and dragged my kids along to purchase them.  I should have known to trust my gut and not purchase these.  I think my daughter even knew these things weren’t really my taste because she said, “You’re gonna buy THESE, Mama??!”



I was also never in love with them because 5 minutes into our drive home my kids and I started complaining that they stunk of cigarette smoke!  The seller never disclosed this and I never bothered to give it the smell test while I was at her house.  Lesson learned.  I went through box after box of baking soda to try and rid these poor guys of their odor.  Cigarette smoke is a nasty, clingy, unforgiving odor, but I eventually was victorious.  I had the same feeling about these end tables as I do with the clawfoot table…something is just off.  So I sold these to a sweet friend!

I scoured and trolled craigslist, eBay, garage sales, you name it to find the perfect end tables.  Nada.  During one of many late night Pinterest binges I stumbled on these beauties and had that “Aahh Haa” moment.


Hmmm….something just felt right when I made two of these end tables all by myself.



Things were starting to click at this point, but it wasn’t feeling 100% like me (I mean, us) yet.


The turning point for me venturing into this design style was those end tables.  They can go with modern, rustic, shabby chic, eclectic, you name it.  I liked the simplicity of the design and loved the clean lines.  Hmmm…this feels right!  I decided to embrace contemporary design wholeheartedly and pushed myself to tackle an entire room makeover.  Holy crap!!  What safer place to experiment than my youngest child’s room!  Mean Mama.

By this point I had a nice collection {hoarder’s paradise} of contemporary fabrics on hand and incorporated some into his room.


That “chipper” ikat fabric is still one of my favs.  Things were starting to feel comfortable and I liked the way his room turned out.  The only thing nagging me was that I felt like I had seen this style and look on countless blogs.  I have always had a rebellious streak in me and the last thing I want to do is be like everybody else.  This brings me to my last design stop….


I have never been drawn to mid-century modern, much less know just exactly what the hell it is.  While in a design slump/block, I decided to scour the blogosphere for some pick-me-up.  Don’t ask me how, but when I landed on this blog I finally had my “Aaah Haa” moment!!!

It was this image that stopped me in my tracks


YES! YES! YES!  I still refer to this room as one of my all-time favorites, mainly because there is a cobalt blue sofa staring you in the face.  The eclectic mix of this room is perfect and I am now venturing into the mid-century modern world.  It’s a very foreign and intimidating style for me as I think it can look too theme-y if over done.  I have never known how to decorate with our blue sofas until I found this picture.  I mostly love the mid-century modern chairs paired with a modern b+w rug and oh-so-done-right gallery wall.

Here is a recent picture of the family room after finding my inspiration


 So, I made my first trip to a cool vintage store about 30 mins from our house this week and purchased a few things that I had my “Aahh Haa” moments over.  I will be posting about them very soon.

I guess my point to all this rambling is it’s perfectly normal (and quite healthy I think) to test many different styles.  Who knows how long my love affair with mid-century modern will last, but it’s fun trying out new things and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  It’s what keeps life interesting!


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Painting a door bright yellow

Here is a typical conversation between my husband and myself…

Me: “Honey, can I…”

Hub: “No.”

Me: “But…”

Hub:  “No.”

After giving him “the look” he finally asks, “OK, what is it?”

Me: “Can I paint the dining room table?”

Hub: “No.”

Me:  “I NEED to paint something in this house!  Can I paint one of the interior doors?  I promise you’ll love it.”

Hub:  “Can I think about it?”

That’s as good as a “YES” in my book.

Honestly, he is such a good sport and likes 99% of my projects and ideas.  Well, this afternoon I decided to quickly act on my impulse to paint one of our doors.  The door I chose was the one that led into the garage.  It’s tucked away so you don’t really see it.  Plus, it seemed dark in this hallway after I painted the wall with black chalkboard paint:


On a recent trip to Home Depot this paint caught my eye:


When I opened the can, I have to admit that I was a bit shocked at how bright it was, but it’s just paint, right?

I wanted the door to be a bit different so I decided to tape off a couple vertical stripes with blue painters tape.


This was a lot easier than I thought.  I simply ran a line of tape along two of the “ridges” on the door.


Time to paint!


I let the paint dry for at least one hour.  While the paint was still a little tacky I removed the tape.  (This ensures you don’t remove any of the paint and leaves you with a clean edge).


Voila!  I absolutely LOVE this and it sure adds a sunny shot of color in an otherwise dark space.


I was feeling so confident about my painting until my son said, “Daddy’s gonna be so mad at you!”

What do you think?  Would you paint one of your interior doors a bright color?

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