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decorating a Christmas tree with craft supplies

No, it’s not what you’re thinking!  I didn’t go absolutely bonkers and throw some glue sticks, yarn spools or rolls of washi tape onto our tree.  I did however deplete my stash of jute rope and scrap pieces of black pom pom fringe!

craft supply christmas tree

After making a huge batch of salt dough ornaments with the kiddos this past weekend, I was motivated to keep their Christmas tree simple and spend $zero decorating it.  Well, that didn’t happen…I wound up spending $3!  :-)   The only thing I purchased for their tree was the Frosty Snowman top hat I found for $3 at Target.

craft supply christmas tree frosty top hat

I love how this looks and enjoy something a bit different than the expected star or angel. [ Although sometimes I swear it looks like “Cousin It.”]

After the kids and I hung all the ornaments we made I asked them, “Do you want to help Mama finish decorating your tree?”  My daughter excitedly said, “Yeah, Mama!  Let’s get out the Christmas stuff in the garage!!”  My son said, “I be outside in the sand box Mama.”  Yep that’s about right.

So my daughter [aka, future DIY'er and maker of all things glittery] and I dashed to the garage and grabbed box after box of Christmas decorations.  Nothing quite felt right for their tree so I told her, “Let’s use stuff Mama has laying around to decorate your tree.”  I got the deer-caught-in-the-headlights stare for a few seconds then she shrugged her shoulders and said, “OK.”  I got my scrap craft box out and we rummaged through it to see what we could find.  I grabbed some jute rope and b+w chevron tape, while she grabbed remnants of black pom pom fringe I used on her drapes.

Here is what us girls came up with…

craft supply christmas tree2

craft supply christmas tree star

I never thought I’d use black anything on a Christmas tree, but I must admit that I am liking it!  The same can be said for the jute rope.  The tree was a bit gothic looking at this point so I added the small red glass ball ornaments to add some vibrant color.


craft supply christmas tree skirt

Instead of a typical tree skirt, I just grabbed our IKEA blanket [which EVERY blogger seems to have] and threw it under the tree.


I have been hanging onto this b+w chevron tape [why is this stuff called tape?  it's fabric!!] for just the right project.  Instead of letting this stuff sit and sit in my garage I cut it into strips and made bows for the tree.

craft supply christmas tree topped with frosty hat

And there you have it!  A Christmas tree trimmed with on-hand craft supplies that cost all of $3!  What would you throw onto your Christmas tree?

craft supply christmas tree


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