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Scandinavian Barstools

I’m so excited to finally be sharing this latest project with you.  It’s been in -the-works for a couple months now as I didn’t realize how labor-intensive stripping wood could be!  If you’ve ever stripped wood before you have my sympathies.  But the transformation of our bar stools are pretty amazing [I think] and I hope you like…

scandinavian inspired wood bar stools

For those of you who have been with me for a while [thank you!] you’ll probably remember these @#%&# bar stools are the bane of my existence.  I’ve re upholstered them countless times only to do it all over again within months.  The last time I touched these bar stools they looked like this

turning tradonal barstools into scandinavian ones

My last post about these guys was when I added the funky b+w fabric and “child-proofed” them with the very popular Never Wet.  I have my opinions about this product and will happily share any with you if you’d like.

how to turn your old traditional barstools into scandinavian ones

As you can see the kiddos quickly wore through the sealer and we were left with these grungy looking things.  So I decided to REALLY give these bar stools a major makeover and came up with the brilliant [she said sarcastically] idea to strip them and go Scandinavian!

stripping wood bar stools to make them scandinavian

I found this safe fume free stripper at HD and was impressed that it has a pleasant odor and strips through multiple layers, including stubborn varnish.  I think the label should also say, “Will strip through all those years of kids’ spit, mac ‘n cheese, milk, juice, etc!”  I am not endorsed for saying ANY of this-just sharing.  It has the consistency of pudding and is ready to strip within 30 minutes.  From start to finish I would say it took me apx 4-5 hours.  The varnish was very stubborn and I had to reapply it twice.  To remove the stain that just wouldn’t strip off, I had to break out the power sander.

traditional wood bar stools become scandinavian

This is what was underneath all those layers and I loved the bright, fresh look of the bare wood.  I thought it had a Scandinavian appeal and I just love that look anyway. So I just threw a coat of poly on it and called it good.

scandinavian looking barstools diy

The wood that is.  The fabric on these cushions also needed to be replaced.

change old wood bar stools to scandinavian ones

traditional wood bar stools turn scandinavian“I will destroy all that is in my path!!!”

turning old traditional bar stools into scandinavian ones

traditional bar stools turned scandinavian ones

I ordered a bolt of this off-white faux ostrich vinyl a while ago.  Ive never worked with vinyl before and have to say this ostrich print is gorgeous and very easy to cut and staple onto the seat.  I broke out the staple gun and got busy attaching it.

scandinavian bar stools from traditional ones

scandinavian inspired bar stools

After lots of sweat and numerous swear words I was left with these Scandinavian inspired bar stools.

turn old traditional barstools into scandinavian ones

scandinavian inspired bar stools from traditional ones

re purpose old barstools to scandinavian ones

changing traditional bar stools to scandinavian ones

change old bar stools inot scandinavian inspired ones

Are you laughing yet?  One down, three more to go!!!  *sigh*

change any wood bar stool into scandinavian inspired ones

Have you ever stripped before?  [hee hee]

scandinavian inspired wood bar stools


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