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Family Room Tweaking+Unusual Coffee Table

A big HELLO+THANK YOU to those of you new followers!  Hang on to your hats…it tends to get weird around here.  :-)

Today I’m sharing our family room again.  Here are a few BEFORE pictures and the way it looked like for about a year.





The furniture was placed in a pretty traditional layout and everything was pushed up against the walls.  I really wanted to push myself out of the typical-furniture-placement-comfort-zone plus I could not stand the “chocolate candy bar looking coffee table” any longer.  It’s all your eye was drawn to and it sucked the life out of this room.  I even tried wrapping it in fabric to lighten it up a bit. So the coffee table you see in the above picture is now upstairs and serving as a little couch for my kiddos [I'll post on that a bit later].

So after 5 HOURS of re arranging furniture [I wish I was joking...there is not one square room in this house which makes furniture placement a pain in the a@#] this is the new layout of the room…

using kids train table as a coffee table

I’m sure you guys reading who have kids can immediately tell what is now serving as our coffee table!  Yes, it’s my son’s train table!  After re arranging their playroom I was left with this monster of a toy and had no clue where to put it.  I thought about ripping my boy’s bedroom closet doors off and shoving this table in his closet.  BUT…knowing my husband would NOT be a happy camper about that, I decided to take the less-heart-anxiety approach and re purpose it.

a kids train table becomes a coffee table

I actually LOVE it and it has a Scandinavian appeal to it.  Isn’t that the trend for 2014 anyway?  Win. Win.  I also like how it brightens the room up.  So without spending a dime, the room went from a pretty traditional one to a modern fresh one.


using a kids train table as coffee table

To camouflage the table a bit and fool any guests that we are using my son’s toy as our coffee table I draped a faux sheepskin rug over it.  It looks funky and I love it.

using a childs train table as a coffee table

kids train table becomes a coffee table

re purposing a kids train table as a coffee table

When little man wants to break out his engineering skills, all we do is throw the rug on the floor and he starts building!

a childs train table becomes a coffee table

childs train table becomes a coffee table

kids train table re purposed as a coffee table

I’m going to call this room “done” for now.  I do have to paint it and perhaps add wood planking to one wall, but that won’t happen until I convince the hub it will look awesome!

a kids train table becomes a coffee table


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organizing our master closet [with unique items]

**I need to warn you that this post is NOT about beautiful photography!  It’s about fun, unique ways to organize a master closet.  See, our master closet gets no natural light and therefore every shot has a funky yellowish tone.  Proceed at your own risk… :-)

unique ideas for organizing a master closet

Now, Mom if you’re reading this post please look away…

diy free master closet organization

Terrifying isn’t it?  Our master closet is the epitome of a “BEFORE” picture.  [And NO, I'm not a lame-o who made my closet a disaster in order to have an awesome before picture].   Folks, what you’re witnessing is the way our closet has been “functioning” [I can't even type that without smirking] for the past 1 1/2 years!

free diy master closet organization_before

Have you thrown up yet?  NO??!!  Well, in that case here’s another one…

free diy closet organization

Could you live like this for 1 1/2 years?  Looking at these pictures I’m amazed that my Type A husband didn’t go into cardiac arrest!!  Well, who says people can’t change.  I thought about just organizing one section of our closet, but in my world one little project quickly snowballs into many many many projects.  To make this task a little less daunting I decided to tackle one section at a time.

master closet organization free diy

The best way for me to tackle any organization project is to clean everything out, brainstorm and put the space back together bit by bit.

organization to master closet free diy

Hmmm…I completely forgot our security system hub was here!  Well there goes my idea of building a shoe tower!   To fill this space I simply re located my hanging organizer from the other side.

organizing our master closet with stuff on hand

It’s awesome having my shoes at eye-level and it’s sure easy on my back.  These hanging organizers are from IKEA and are by far some of the best ones I’ve ever purchased.

I have seen the idea of hanging high-heeled shoes from a curtain rod all over Pinterest, but I wanted to try something a bit different.  I purchased 4 of these lucite wall shelves a while ago.

Image 1

I am currently using 2 of them to hold my kids’ chalk+erasers for their chalkboard, but I used the remaining two just below my hanging organizer.  I simply attached each shelf with a couple screws then added 4 pairs of high-heels and voila!!

using what you have on hand to organize master closet

use what you have on hand to organize master closet

Next it was time to find a home for my belt collection.  I grabbed our old acrylic shower curtain rings and one of my husband’s tie hangers.

organizing our master closet free diy

use what you have on hand for organizing master closet

I simply put a ton of the rings onto the hanger and hung all of my belts.  They used to be crammed into that plastic shelving unit in the first pictures.  Not to sound like a snob, but belts certainly last longer if they are hanging.  I have a few leather belts and they age exponentially when all curled up.  Now I can easily see my inventory and can get a ton more use out of them.

Next up was scarves + hats.  This is one of my favorite things about the master closet overhaul.  I attached an old curtain rod to the back of the closet door and used more of those acrylic shower curtain rings, plus I managed to find a handful of drapery rings to use.

organizing master closet using stuff around the house

master closet organization using stuff on hand

using stuff from the house to organize master closet

The shower curtain rings are perfect for holding scarves and the drapery rings hold our hats nice and tight.

To hold my work out gear [cough. cough. that's one New Year's Resolution I haven't fulfilled just yet], swim suits and jammies I just re used that plastic shelving unit that was already in our closet.

free diy closet organization

Where’s Waldo?  Can you spot it?

use things on hand to organize your master closet

All I did to organize this sucker was use some chalkboard labels I already had on hand and my white chalk pen.

Last, but not least I added a sitting area for us to put on our shoes, or just to reflect on how much crap we have!!!   I used our old nightstands that I banished to our storage area to create a “bench” then added a bath mat for some cushion on our tushies!  Why a bath mat, you ask?  First, we’re not using it; second it has a non-slip grip; third…I’m still thinking.  :-)

how to organize master closet using things on hand

use what you already have on hand to organize master closet

And there you have it!  Using things I had scattered all over the house+garage I managed to finally tackle the hot mess that was our master closet.  I hope I’ve inspired you just a little to think about things you might have collecting dust and using them in new, unique ways!


diy free master closet organization


how to organize master closet using things on hand


master closet organization free diy


organizing our master closet with stuff on hand


master closet organization using stuff on hand

unique ideas for organizing a master closet

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